“Arasan’s IP allows our development team to focus on key differentiating features, offer more functionality, and provide more value in selected products while leaving the industry standard interfaces to those who have the expertise. This results in a much shorter development cycle, and in turn, our customers, with a better product and a significant time-to-market advantage.” – Takashi Yoshimori, Technology Executive for SoC Design at Toshiba

“We expect the same from the suppliers who provide us IP that we’ve determined it’s better to buy than build. We expect a supplier with a broad portfolio of field proven components, that can supply a total solution that we don’t need to integrate to use effectively, and that delivers a single point of support to save us time, money and resources,” said Paul Berkhuizen, technology licensing at ST-Ericsson in Lund, Sweden. We found that supplier in Arasan Chip Systems. – Paul Berkhuizen, Technolgy Licensing Manager at ST-Ericsson

“With a comprehensive and up to date portfolio of SD IP, Arasan was a natural choice for us to partner with, for our SD, SDIO IP requirements for our flagship SoC. By incorporating Arasan’s SD IP, we can focus our team on developing our unique video technology while leveraging Arasan’s proven SD IP for this critical interface”.” – David Moloney, Chief Technology Officer at Movidia

“Arasan is one of the very few vendors that can provide silicon proven IP within a very tight schedule. We are glad to work with Arasan, and by their professional support, we thus lessen our RD effort and greatly shorten the integration lead time. The satisfying results have also proved that Arasan is one of the best IP partners with extensive MIPI expertise.”
Jensen Yen, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Spokesperson at Faraday Technology

“Arasan’s IP is a quality product. We at APM have used their SD/SDIO/eMMC Host Controller IP and we were able to seamlessly integrate it into our design in record time. Arasan has an excellent support infrastructure and fantastic response time.” Poly Palamuttam, Director Engineering, APM [Read More]

“Arasan is utilizing its membership in our Fast Ethernet Consortium in a way that demonstrates strong commitment to industry standards designed to facilitate improved networks.” – Peter Scruton, manager of the UNH-IOL’s Fast Ethernet Consortium

“We have licensed multiple IP Cores from Arasan and have been impressed with the quality of the IP and the support structure that facilitates the internalization and integration of the IP into our chips. Their professional approach and the expertise and know how that they bring along makes all the difference. We got on the bus with Arasan.” – Mohamed Ben-Romdhane, Vice President of Engineering at Newport Media

“We are happy to have achieved working silicon with Arasan’s SDIO Host IP Core on the first pass. Arasan’s ability to provide a complete solution from design services for customizing the IP, firmware and Linux stack is remarkable.” – Bob Uvacek, director of Design Engineering for SoC Design at Toshiba.