DSI Receive

DSI v1.3 Receiver IP Controller Core

The Next Generation of CSI, DSI and D-PHY: A webinar recorded July 9, 2014

The Arasan DSI v1.3 Receiver Controller IP is designed to provide MIPI DSI 1.1 compliant high speed serial connectivity for device (mobile display modules) with Type 1 to 4 architectures. Serial connectivity to the mobile applications processor’s DSI host is implemented using 1 to 4 D-PHY’s (also available from Arasan), depending on display bandwidth needs. This IP connects to the D-PHYs through the PPI interface.

Display modules consist of display driver logic driving display signals onto a display device or panel. On the display driver side, Arasan’s MIPI DSI Device Controller provides the DBI Interface for Types 1 to 3 display modules, and the DPI Interface for Types 2 to 4 displays.

Initial configuration of this DSI Device Controller IP can be done through programmed IO over the AHB bus, however, other bus interfaces can be provided upon request.


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