C-PHY v1.1

MIPI CPHY v1.1 Analog Interface


The MIPI C-PHY V1.1 improves throughput over a bandwidth limited channel, allowing more data without increased signaling clock. It is intended to be used for camera interface (CSI-2 v1.3) and display interface (DSI v1.2). The signaling interface uses a 3-phase transceiver that encodes 3 bit symbols over 3 wires. This is different from the two-wire differential “lane” used in D-PHY.

C-PHY was designed to coexist on the same IC pins as D-PHY so that dual-mode devices could be developed with low power signaling similar to DPHY. Arasan’s CPHY-DPHY combination provides a 3 channel C-PHY v1.0.

Symbol encoding effectively transfers 2.286 bits per symbol compared to 1.0 bits per lane for D-PHY. This version of C-PHY (v1.1) operates at 2.5GHz, same as the D-PHY V1.2.

A 3 channel C-PHY provides 17Gbps which enables:

  • 4K video at 60fps
  • 1080p at 240fps (for cool slow-motion videos)


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