MIPI SLIMbus Hardware Validation Platform

Arasan’s SLIMbus® (Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media bus protocol) Hardware Validation Platform provides the mobile industry a versatile means to assist in the development and debugging of SLIMbus® products. By emulating a real-world SLIMbus host component, this platform can be used by system and software developers to completely validate the implementation of the SLIMbus interface in their products during various stages of the development cycle.

The SLIMbus Hardware Validation Platform (HVP) includes both the Manager and Framer devices which are active by default. This gives the user the means, through a simple Exerciser application, to configure the SLIMbus sub-system, control and data space, and channel bandwidth allocation within the data space when connecting their products to the HVP. Such configuration can be modified, saved for a future runtime session, and restored in the future, thereby saving time for the user. Bus and frame management duties can be transferred to external components that contain Manager and Framer devices that the user may want to activate.

The SLIMbus HVP’s Exerciser application provides the means to source and sink audio files across different audio channels mapped onto SLIMbus. This provides a validation to the end-user regarding proper configuration of their SLIMbus-related devices, and proper bandwidth allocation and transfer protocols for control messages and payload data over the shared bus.


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