SoundWire Master

MIPI SoundWire Master Controller 1.1


The Total MIPI Soundwire IP Solution enables early adopters the fastest path to adoption of this new standard by offering a comprehensive IP package that includes the Verilog RTL source code validated for compliance with the standard, a comprehensive test environment & compliance suite for validation of the IP, a Soundwire hardware development kit for FPGA prototyping and interoperability testing, a Soundwire protocol analyzer and the complete Soundwire software stack.

The IP is fully configurable for the number of (options like endpoint, audio channels etc.) to meet a wide range of audio applications. Soundwire is suited for small, very cost-sensitive audio peripherals such as amplifiers and microphones.

The major differences between v1.0 and v1.1 are:

      Configurable port direction - allows the Data Port to be either Sink or Source at run time

      Reduced Data Port - specifies certain optional features and registers to provide more flexibility compared to Simplified Data Port

      BRA Failure interrupt



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