SD 3 / SDIO 3 Device

SD 3.0 / SDIO 3.0 Combo Device IP

SD 3.0 /SDIO 3.0 Combo Device IP core is an SD memory controller and an SDIO controller with an AHB interface. Combining with the optional Arasan NAND Flash Controller IP, the SD/SDIO Combo Device IP provides an integrated SD memory solution for designs that utilize NAND flash memory.

The SD 3.0 /SDIO 3.0 Combo-AHB controller IP is a full/high speed card suitable for memory cards and I/O card applications such as WLAN, Bluetooth, and mobile devices with low power consumption. The full-speed card supports SPI, 1-bit, and 4-bit SD transfer modes at a full clock range of 0-50Mhz. The Arasan SD/SDIO Combo Device IP has an AHB interface, which allows the ARM processor to configure the operational registers resided inside the AHB slave core.

To support NAND flash memory, Arasan provides an optional NAND Flash Controller for direct interfacing with the SD 3.0 /SDIO 3.0 Combo Controller IP. The Arasan NAND flash controller handles all command, address, and data sequences. It also manages all the hardware protocols and allows the users to access the NAND flash memory simply by reading or writing into the Operational registers. The Arasan NAND flash controller acts as a master or a slave device on the AHB bus.


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