UFS Hardware Validation Platform (HVP)

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is a simple, high performance, mass storage device with a serial line interface. UFS is designed to be the most advanced specification for flash memory based storage in mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets computers. It is primarily for use in mobile systems, between host processing and mass storage memory devices.

The Hardware Validation Platform (HVP) is a platform for UFS Host Controller that is fully compliant with the UFS standard specification version 1.0. UFS Host controller (HVP) contains everything you need to launch your products in the possible shortest time frame.

The HVP contains the UFS Host based system, software drivers and documentations are preloaded on the system. A monitor, standard USB keyboard and mouse are required.

Arasan UFS Host Controller Version 1.0 HVP supports both 3.3V and 1.8V signalling. The ArasanUFS HVP handles UFS Host Protocol at transmission level, packing data and checking for transaction format correctness.


  • Compliant to JEDEC UFS 1.0, HCI 1.0, UniPro 1.40
  • Available in Host and Device configuration
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